America's Army Server Manager

America's Army Server Manager 1.7

Set up and manage dedicated servers for America's Army
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Create your own America's Army dedicate server, invite your friends to join in on the action, or open it to the public. Keep your server up to date, ban abusive or cheating players, and manage the other aspects of your server.

One of the reasons that has made America's Army so successful online is how easy it is to setup and manage a gaming server. This tool, also shipped with the game itself, allows anyone to setup a server so that other people can play in it. It also allows you to control any remote servers that you have from anywhere you are. The application also includes a start up guide for people that have never ever setup a dedicated server. There are nifty little things you can do with the application, such as saving a server setup, exporting it, sending it to someone else so that he/she can import the exact setup into the server. The only thing he/she need to do is import the file. The application is low on resource usage and it is very stable and reliable. It is very obvious that the developers saw that a simple-to-use server management application is key to having more servers online. This is the case, at least with America's Army, as everyone having the game can create a game server. Of course, it is better if they have their own dedicated line for this.

Ismael Mireles
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